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Janelle A Swan


I have never met a friendlier group of people. They took links out of my watch (which I purchased elsewhere) for free. Polished all my jewelry while I waited, AND most importantly pointed out that my 41 year old wedding ring was missing to of the prongs that held the diamond in place! All of this plus a free glass nail file in a protective case. I will never go anywhere else!



We went to the Broken Arrow store to have my wedding ring prongs and band restored for our 30th wedding anniversary. We were impressed with the customer service, everyone was helpful, friendly, and considerate. They helped us with the band, without any pressure for other sales. The ring was ready on time. The ring looks wonderful... They did an excellent job on replacing the prongs, and brushing the band back to the original condition. We highly recommend J. David jewelry. Thanks.

Suzanne Fisk

Not Rated


I had a pleasant and professional experience with Jimmy and Faith at the Broken Arrow store. Jimmy worked hard to solve my earring problem. I am very pleased with the result.

Laurie Sagely


Our experience was with Jimmy Hammett at the Broken Arrow location. I had a ring left to me that was my mother's. We wanted to use and incorporate the stones into an 35 year anniversary band to wear with my wedding ring. We weren't sure what that would look like, but Jimmy spent time with us and made it happen. We couldn't be more pleased, it turned out perfect!!! Everyone in the store made us feel welcome each time we were in there. Highly recommend J. David Jewelry.

Caleb Posey


The service at J. David was excellent! I had to act quickly with an engagement ring purchase, and they were quick to help. I ordered it and had it resized one day, then picked it up the next morning. I'm very thankful for Jimmy and all of the staff's help! I would definitely recommend trusting J. David with your important jewelry purchases.

Brittany Odell


Staff is extremely nice and welcoming, I went into the Broken Arrow location and worked with Simone and she went above and beyond to make sure my ring was perfect. I will definitely be recommending J. David to family and friends!

Gary Shotton


We have been connected with J.David Jewelry for many years. So, 5 years ago it was time for our 40th wedding anniversary purchase of some new rings for my wife. At first I thought I could just pay the same as I did for the rings I purchased at the time of our wedding in 1973. That did not work out very well. So I invested $40,000 and made my wife very happy with a redesign of her original ring and an new ring for her left hand..

We were just in the store on Memorial. Crystal and Haley did a great job. We were getting the rings refitted. Theses ladies did a "above and beyond" with big smiles and great attitude. Very enjoyable.
They even cleaned my wife's rings. You know, the rings must leave brighter than they came into the store.

Anyone interested in purchasing jewelry or rings should move J.David Jewelry to the top of the list. You will be happy. Guaranteed

Ouida Lewis


Top jewelry store in the Tulsa area. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful . The staff showed us jewelry in various price ranges. I was so happy to find a jeweler on site to repair my ring . I will be happy to send my friends to J Davidjewelry



Today was my first time at J David’s and the staff was so welcoming and friendly. The ladies helped me with purchase and were so patient with my indecisiveness. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Connie Portman


J. David's is the only jewelry business I will trust for jewelry repairs. They have worked on my wedding ring twice and every time they do an amazing job. They are professional and they have the knowledge to care for your most precious items.

Creighton Wayne


Going to J David to buy the engagement ring for my fiance was one of the best decisions I have made. I had a bad experience at a different jewelry store and I was blown away by how accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable the staff was. I live about an hour away from the store and one of the employees met me halfway so I could pick up the ring. This is a first class business. I highly recommend them and I do not anticipate buying jewelry from anywhere else.

Dale & Carolyn Biby


We are so happy that we met Joel a few years ago at his store. He and his staff are very knowledgeable, polite and very helpful in finding what you are looking for.. We have had many great experiences with many of the staff including Kindall, Nate, Brandon, and many of the others. We have shopped at both of their locations and find the service impeccable! We would not shop for fine jewelry at any other store.

Andrea Smith


Very happy with my latest experience with J. David. I went to the Tulsa location to get my rings cleaned and come to find out that I had a loose diamond! But Kindell took care of me and she was amazing! She showed me the loose diamond and let me know that it could be a couple days and I would have my ring back fixed and cleaned. The very next day she called me to let me know that my ring was already done! I couldn't have been more excited about that! When I went to pick my ring up it was so nice, they had saw me walking in so she was already getting it ready for me! I couldn't be any more happier about my ring! It looks amazing!

Beverly Nelson


I am so glad I took my mother's wedding pearls and Great-great Aunt Lydia's locket to J. David Jewelry for repair! The clasp on Mom's pearls had been repaired before for her 100th birthday, but she broke it again later. I did an amateur repair that J. David had to undo before their repair. The pearls now look gorgeous with their new clasp and luster at a better price than the previous jewelry repairman charged. Aunt Lydia's locket chain snapped and had knots in it. It now looks really pretty. Again, the price was extremely reasonable and the repair was done in the time they gave me. Not only that, the staff was very knowledgeable, polite, and interested in the pieces.

Jayme Miller

Not Rated


Love my engagement ring from J David at 101st & Memorial!!!! Selection is amazing and they carry very unique pieces for any occasion! My fiancé Bret and I both enjoyed working with the helpful staff, especially Nate who helped get my ring to fit just perfect! Would definitely recommend J David to friends & family!!

Ed Reed


Excellent service and outstanding quality product. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Debbie Patton


I had a great experience at J. David Jewelry this past summer. The customer service was outstanding! Nate and Jessica remembered my name every time I went into the store and made me feel like family! I went to have my original wedding ring and my 20th anniversary ring made into diamond pendants. I did not really have an idea of exactly what I wanted but Nate and Jessica sat down with me and showed me several options of what I could do. They spent a lot of time with me until I was able to decide what I wanted. They did an amazing job making my diamonds look like new again! They told me to come in anytime to have them cleaned! I would highly recommend going there especially if you need custom jewelry designed for you!

Julie Craft


Amy Vineyard is a friendly and eager-to-please associate at the Broken Arrow store, I stopped there today with the intent to buy myself a gift! I purchased a beautiful pair of rose gold and diamond earrings! Kendra had the earrings waiting for me and it was love at first ear!!!!! The entire staff sparkles like the “jewels” they display! Don’t miss the J David experience. They are family......they make you feel like family. (Amy Vineyard is family! My precious daughter! Stop in and tell her her mother sent you!!!)

Dakota B.


Fantastic Service! Very helpful and made sure I got the ring I wanted!

Gabriel H.


Excellent Service!

Teresa B.


They make your buying experience first class and enjoyable and by the time you leave you feel like family.

Jose M.



Brenda B.


We have been clients of J.David Jewelry from the beginning and will always use them for all our jewelry needs. Their staff has taken care of everything from repairs to anniversary’s with great care to find exactly what we needed. Now we are looking for a new wedding ring and making a new diamond necklace with some diamonds from old jewelry pieces. There is truly nothing they cannot do! Thank you for your honesty and what you and your team stand for as a family business. Love J.David Jewelry!

Jacob R.

Not Rated


I just want to say that the customer service we received from Amy and Jessica was outstanding! They made our experience wonderful, and my ring looked like a brand new ring when we got it back.

Hannah B.


I love the J. David staff!!! Today I took in my wedding ring because the diamond fell out, and they were incredibly helpful, and such a pleasure to work with. Kindell helped me get the repair underway, and I am so excited to get my ring back!
Great service and smiles the second I walked in the door, that's the way to do it! Thank you guys!

Becky S.


I'm a new customer & have found the entire staff extremely knowledgeable, kind, & professional, yet very personable to my needs & preferences in jewelry.

Shari A.


Could not be happier with the repair. Outstanding service.

Frank K.


A very fine job of returning the luster to my wedding ring. A job well done.

Christina A.


Brandon help turn a bad experience into a completely amazing experience!

Russ D.


Jimmy Hammett is exceptionally professional should be a valued employee. He's first class.

Roy S.


Professional and personal is how I would describe the personnel at JDavids.

Todd H.


The staff at the BA store is awesome.

Mike Webster


My wife and I went to the 101st store where we met Nate who helped us with repairs to our wedding bands. He repaired both bands and they came back looking better than new, they were beautiful . I also bought a new watch while I was in the store. Nate and the staff were great and we had great conversations with all the staff in the store. We really enjoyed our time at the store. I would recommend everyone to go there for their jewelry needs, they are great.

Lewis J.


Always have a positive result with Jimmy.

Andrew B.


I will be taking all my jewelry to J. David for repairs from now on!!

A. Reed


Had an Awesome experience at J.David's Jewelry in Tulsa. Working with Kendell upon purchasing my 25th Wedding Anniversary band to having a platinum ring resized, every detail and everything that was going to happen was explained perfectly. The quality of the diamonds to the patience, courtesy of the staff was top notch. I would highly recommend this jewelry store to anyone that wants a relaxed atmosphere and jewelry that sparkles & shines for that special occasion.

Scott Houston

Not Rated


I recently had some work done and I couldn't be happier. The work was fantastic and everyone was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Nate Wynn and his team.

Margy Moore


I had the best experience at J. David jewelry this summer! The entire staff is awesome and helpful. I really appreciated Amy Bosen-Vinyard as she helped me to find the perfect necklace for my future in-laws. She was patient and found exactly what I needed.



I am so glad this jewelry store has opened up in South Tulsa. I was treated poorly at Israel, so I decided to try J David. I am glad I did.

From the very beginning the entire staff has REMEMBERED MY NAME. They acknowledge my two toddlers and never make me feel unwelcome because I have little ones with me. They make small talk with my little ones while I can browse/concentrate.

They have water / coffee / candy and my personal favorite: beer. While you shop! Talk about taking the edge off while you're looking to spend a little on yourself.

I have looked at wedding bands and been SO SO pleasently surprised by the prices for the product. I have been in the store MULTIPLE times and each time is the same as before.

Once, the owner even visited with my husband and I for our entire visit. You would have never known he was the owner except that I happened to ask. He said we should pick what is beautiful in our own eyes and ignore what is on paper. I liked that.

I have inhereted loads of costume jewelry from my grandmother and they WERE HAPPY to help me sort through the emotional and literal mess. Each piece of jewelry was a memory and they were patient with me as we talked through her death and why each piece mattered to me.

They've sized my mother's ring, and they've cleaned my rings each time. Insisted actually.

J David is my jeweler and I'm happy to tell everyone and anyone why.

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Sarah England

July 25, 2020

J. David Jewelry is an amazing place. They have an incredible selection, and Nate was very patient and knowledgeable as we shopped. My favorite thing, though, was how everyone was kind and personable. I've been in other jewelry stores where I felt that the salesperson was snobby, or that I was shown less expensive pieces only. Not at J. David. Wonderful experience. We'll definitely shop there again!

Miriam Bryant

July 31, 2020

Great job cleaning my wedding band and repairing my favorite heart earrings, as always. Thanks Faith, Jimmy, Debbie & Haley great experience. P.S. They have an awesome room spray!!!

Emily P.

July 7, 2020

I can't say enough great things about J. David! The entire team is so welcoming and friendly, and they don't try to pressure you to buy anything. You can tell everyone that works there is passionate about what they do and want to make your experience the best it can be. You will not regret going here!

LaKyra Black

July 11, 2020

Jimmy and Faith were so wonderful! They were quick and eager to get my new ring resized for me and were as nice as could be. Very happy with experience!

Jennifer Pack

May 13, 2020

Wonderful customer service, beautiful jewelry, great prices! The best part of J David is probably the customer service, they go above and beyond to please customers and the service after the sale is superb. Highly recommend!!