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White 14 Karat Infinity Fashion Ring With 0.46Tw Round Sapphires And 0.45Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5067

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Ladies custom white gold eternity band with bezel-set diamonds, emerald, and sapphires.



White 14 Karat Double Row Bar Other With 0.06Tw Round Diamonds And 0.25Tw Round Sapphires



White 14 Karat Vintage Style Band With 6=0.18Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds And 4=1.72Tw Oval Sapphires



White 14 Karat Pear Halo Dangle Fashion Earrings Other With 2=1.64Tw Pear Sapphires And 0.70Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 18 Karat Bezel Set Fashion Other With 5=0.86Tw Round Sapphires And 0.15Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Pear Cluster Pendant Other With 8=1.58Tw Pear Sapphires And 0.29Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 10 Karat Bezel Set Stud Earrings With 2= Round White Sapphires



Yellow 10 Karat Bezel Set Stud Earrings With 2= Round Created Sapphires



White 10 Karat Channel Set With Milgrain Detail Other With 9=0.13Tw Round G/H I1 Diamonds And 8=0.10Tw Round Sapphires

J. David Custom RingJDC-5031

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Ladies custom white gold milgrain ring with round diamond center and two marquise blue sapphires down the sides in a twisted vine design.



White 14 Karat Three Row Fashion Ring With 1.57Tw Princess Sapphires And 0.53Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Three Row Milgrain Detailing Ring Other With 0.17Tw Round Diamonds And 0.48Tw Princess Sapphires



White 14 Karat Dangle Fashion Earrings With 6=1.12Tw Round Sapphires And 0.10Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Alternating Hoop Earrings With 10=0.20Tw Round Sapphires And 8=0.10Tw Round Diamonds



White 18 Karat Three Row Ring Other With 13=1.00Tw Round Sapphires And 24=1.31Tw Round Diamonds



White 14 Karat Prong Set Stackable Other With 0.48Tw Round Sapphires



White 14 Karat Three Prong Studs Other With 2=5.00Mm Round Created Sapphires



White 14 Karat Fashion Dangle Pendant Other With 3=0.55Tw Round Sapphires And 0.05Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds

Fine Jewelry001-223-00575


White 18 Karat Multi Stone Fashion Bracelet Other With 18=8.26 Total Gem Weight Of Gemstones Which Include: Grossular Garnets, Yellow Sapphires, Pink Spinel, And Aquamarine, And 0.25Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Alternating Hoop Earrings Other With 8=0.10Tw Round Diamonds And 10=0.20Tw Round Sapphires



White 14 Karat Marquise With Rounds, Beaded Stackable Ring Other With 7=0.79Tw Marquise Sapphires And 0.06Tw Round H/I I1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Medium Hoops Other With 0.45Tw Round Sapphires And 0.10Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds

J. David Custom PendantJDC-5090

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Ladies custom white gold ranch brand pendant with blue sapphire.

J. David Custom RingJDC-5043

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Ladies custom white gold filigree ring with oval ruby center and alternating round diamond and blue sapphire halo.

J. David Custom RingJDC-5058

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Ladies custom white gold split shank ring with oval pink sapphire center and round diamond halo.



White Sterling Silver Pear Fashion Pendant With One Pear Ammolite And One Round Sapphire



White 14 Karat Oval Bezel, Stackable Ring With One 0.60Ct Oval Sapphire And 0.05Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Crossover Fashion Ring With One Round Sapphire And 0.20Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 18 Karat Oval Halo Pendant With One 1.86Ct Oval Sapphire And 0.23Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Fashion Ring Other With One 2.60Ct Oval Sapphire And 12=0.34Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Swirl Halo Ring Other With One 0.44Ct Oval Sapphire And 0.18Tw Round Diamonds



Tt 14 Karat Double Halo Pear Pendant Other With One 1.33Ct Pear Sapphire And 0.42Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5102

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Ladies custom two-toned yellow and white gold ring with round sapphire center and round bezel set halo diamonds and round diamonds down the sides.



14 Karat Two Tone Swirl Other With One 6.50Mm Round Chatham Created Sapphire And 0.33Tw Round Diamonds

14KT Gold Ladies Diamond RingD214-57647-W





White 10 Karat Stationary Bezel Set Necklace With One 3.75Mm Round White Sapphire



Yellow 10 Karat Stationary Bezel Set Necklace With One 3.75Mm Round Created Sapphire



White Sterling Silver Slide Fashion Necklace Other With One Round Sapphire And 0.11Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



Tt 14 Karat Three Stone Other With One 6.00Mm Round Sapphire And 2=0.63Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Oval Halo Other With One 0.50Ct Oval Sapphire And 38=0.25Tw Round Diamonds

Gents Gift Items002-950-00163


The Monarch 'Blue & Gold' features an elegant frame in 'Twist' Mokume Gane (the ancient forging technique used for decorating the hilts of Samurai swords) by Mike Sakmar, inlaid with lapis lazuli. The blade is hand-forged 'Boomerang' damascus steel by Chad Nichols. The one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with sapphire gemstones.

J. David Custom RingJDC-5044

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Ladies custom white gold marquise blue sapphire and round diamond band with milgrain accents.



White 14 Karat Bezel Set Vintage Fashion Ring Other With One 1.16Ct Round Sapphire And 0.12Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5012

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Ladies yellow gold birthstone ring with prong-set round diamond, amethyst, and sapphire gemstones.



White 18 Karat Fashion Pendant With One 1.42Ct Pear Sapphire And 0.03Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Swirl To Halo Other With One 0.85Ct Round Sapphire And 0.54Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Vintage Dangle Fashion Pendant With One 0.30Ct Oval Sapphire And 0.22Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds