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White 14 Karat Cluster Pendant With 5=0.38Tw Round Created Emeralds And 0.05Tw Round Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5108

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Ladies custom rose gold ring with filigree swirls with round emeralds.



Yellow 14 Karat Pear Swirl Fashion Earrings With 2=0.40Tw Pear Emeralds And 22=0.12Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5015

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Men's yellow gold signet style ring with marquise diamonds and marquise emeralds.



Yellow 14 Karat Three Prong Stud Other With 2=5.00Mm Round Created Emeralds



Yellow 10 Karat Bezel Set Stud Earrings With 2= Round Created Emeralds



Yellow 10 Karat Stackable Ring Size 6.5 With 6=0.09Tw Round Diamonds And 3=0.16Tw Princess Emeralds



Yellow 10 Karat Bezel Set Stackable Other With 4=0.24Tw Baguette Emeralds And 5=0.07Tw Round Diamonds



White 10 Karat Channel Set With Milgrain Detail Other With 9=0.13Tw Round G/H I1 Diamonds And 8=0.11Tw Round Emeralds



White 18 Karat Bezel Set Fashion Ring With 5=0.63Tw Round Emeralds And 0.14Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Cluster Earrings With 10=0.62Tw Round Created Emeralds And 0.06Tw Round Diamonds



White 14 Karat Modern Crossover Fashion Ring Other With 9= Round Emeralds And 0.23Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds

J. David Custom RingJDC-5067

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Ladies custom white gold eternity band with bezel-set diamonds, emerald, and sapphires.



Yellow 10 Karat Stationary Bezel Set Necklace With One 3.75Mm Round Created Emerald

J. David Custom RingJDC-5055

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Ladies custom white gold prong set bands with emerald cut and round diamonds.



White 14 Karat Emerald Cut Halo With One 1.60Ct Emerald Sapphire And 25=0.19Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



Lady's Yellow 14 Karat Three Stone Fashion Ring With One 0.88Ct Emerald Peridot And 2=0.19Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Emerald Cut Fashion Ring With One 3.54Ct Emerald Blue Topaz And 0.36Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



Rose 14 Karat Infinity Fashion Ring Other With One 2.48Ct Emerald Aqua And 46=0.20Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 18 Karat Art Deco Fashion Ring With One 9.29Ct Emerald Blue Topaz And 38=0.51Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Dangle Fashion Earrings Other With 2=6.00Tw Emerald Blue Topazs And 0.38Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Pear Swirl Fashion Pendant With One 0.40Ct Pear Emerald And 19=0.15Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Modern Fashion Earrings With 2=0.50Tw Emerald Emeralds And 12=0.14Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Modern Halo With Split Shank Fashion Ring 4With One 1.33Ct Emerald Blue Topaz And 0.33Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Split Shank Fashion Ring With One 1.37Ct Emerald Garnet And 0.39Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Modern Fashion Pendant With One 0.52Ct Emerald Emerald And 8=0.17Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Emerald Halo Fashion Ring Other With One 1.15Ct Emerald Sapphire And 0.50Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 18 Karat Emerald Halo Fashion Earrings Other With 2=1.27Tw Emerald Rubys And 0.24Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



White Sterling Silver Sliding Fashion Necklace With One 3.50Mm Round Emerald And 0.08Tw Round Diamonds



White 14 Karat Modern Dangle Fashion Pendant Other With One Oval Emerald And 0.10Tw Round H/I I1 Diamonds



Yellow 18 Karat Oval Halo Twist Fashion Ring With One 1.05Ct Oval Emerald And 0.55Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Halo Fashion Pendant With One 0.72Ct Oval Emerald And 0.30Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Elongated Halo With One Emerald Onyx And 0.15Tw Round Diamonds

Anniversary Ring001-120-02184


Lady's White 14 Karat Buttercup Half Way Band, Set Horizontally Anniversary Ring Size 6 With 8=1.62Tw Emerald G/H Vs2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Halo Fashion Ring Other With One 1.29Ct Round Chatham Emerald And 0.63Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds



White 14 Karat Double Halo Fashion Ring With One 0.95Ct Emerald Cut Sapphire And 0.35Tw Round G/H Si2 Diamonds



Yellow 14 Karat Double Halo Stationary Pendant Other With One 1.00Ct Emerald Emerald And 0.33Tw Round H/I Si2 Diamonds



White 18 Karat Pear Fashion Pendant With One 0.63Ct Pear Emerald And 0.47Tw Round G/H Si1 Diamonds