Ring Cam: Dakota Beller & Jennifer Brown's Proposal




Dakota Beller & Jennifer Brown

On Your Engagement!


How they got engaged:

I told her that we were going to a state park with a buddy of mine and his girlfriend as a little weekend getaway to get to know his girlfriend. I got a room that overlooked the lake at Sequoyah state park. There is a really pretty place called “the point” that has a great view of the lake and is a little hike. After we got dressed up for dinner I suggested we go check that place out because it was still a little early for dinner. So we go out to the point and I said we should take a picture on this rock and my friends girlfriend had gotten her camera prepared and that is the time I asked her to marry me.



She is literally my best friend. We basically have the same humor so she always keeps me laughing. I really love her honesty, at least most of the time. Very hard worker, she is currently working two jobs so she can finish her teaching degree. We are both teachers, so we always have good conversations about work and our students. She literally always makes me smile and is the perfect person for me.

Facebook Review:

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