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by J. David Jewelry 

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 You are about to pop the question and change both of your lives forever. 

What if you could capture her face the exact moment when she said Yes? 

Now, you can hold on to that moment for forever.




During one of life’s most precious moments, you can video the excitement, joy and surprise that comes with the question,

“Will you Marry Me?”

With the Ring Cam there is no need for a friend lurking in the bushes, secretly trying to film your proposal.

The Ring Cam films it all, right from the box.



So, all you gentlemen out there about to pop the question, this one is for you. Oh, and you’ll probably need something to go in that box.

Hint: That’s what we are here for.



How it works:

Make sure you practice and get a good feel for how to use the Ring Cam. You can never have too much footage!

Start recording early so you make sure to capture the entire proposal speech and reaction.

Return the Ring Cam to our store and we'll do the rest! You video will be edited and a proposal page created for you both to share to your friends and family.


Tips & Tricks: