Custom Jewelry

Have you ever found the PERFECT piece of jewelry? There is literally nothing you would change about it? If you have, congratulations! However, that doesn't happen all that often.

To celebrate each customers unique desires,  J. David Jewelry offers customization services for jewelry.  J. David offers customers the ability to choose their gemstones & precious metal type. J. David employs a team of jewelry design specialist to assist customers with bringing their vision to life. Aside from playing with different designs, the custom design process enables customers to view how the jewelry will look once completed.

More often than not there's always something you wish you could change about that ring you like. This is where custom jewelry steps in! I know, I know... you're thinking "$$$," but with our streamelined process, the extra cost involved is minimal.

We have had the privilege of making pieces for not only the greater Tulsa area in Oklahoma, but for people all around the country, as well. We love being able to bring your one of kind dream to life. Shoot us an email or drop us a line for more information!

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