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Everywhere you look today, 3D technology is starting to radically change the way we live.

From how everyday products are designed and manufactured, to how we experience major motion pictures. 




Watch owner Joel David below as he explains the merging  of a 6000 year old industry with today's newest technologies to enhance the ancient art of jewelry making.



Have you ever dreamed of designing your own jewelry?

With our innovative new custom design system, you can. Working with our professional staff, you can turn jewelry you like into jewelry you love.  Shopping for jewelry will never be the same again when you can do more than just browse for jewelry, you help create it.  Stop in for a free, no-obligation demonstration.





First, you select a starting point design from thousands of options.  To start a custom design, browse our site and add styles you like to your 'Favorites' list. You can also send us images or drawings from your computer, or cut them out of a magazine. Once your choice of design, gemstones and metal quality is determined we can then provide you with an estimate for the finished product. In most cases we can work within your budget.


Using our cutting-edge 3D design software, you have creative control to customize every detail of the jewelry from stone size, shape, and color to extensive design changes. J. David Jewelry will begin creating a 3D model of the design we started in step one. During this step you can still make any changes or modifications to your design.


Rendered images of your 3D model can be emailed directly to you or can be viewed in person by visiting the store. The computer-rendered images allow us to show you realistic views of your design as it will look when finished in the exact metal and gemstones (if any) you have chosen. After you have made all of your design adjustments and have viewed the rendered images of your design, we will ask for your final approval of the 3D model.


On approval, we will then use stereo lithography technology to "print" a full-size wax version of your design. This technology allows us to create the most intricate and complex details possible in the jewelry industry. If you would like to see the wax prototype, just let us know and we can make it available for viewing. This prototype is full-scale and will show you the exact detail and dimensions of your project.


J. David Jewelry uses a state-of-the-art computerized casting machine that negatively vacuums all oxygen out of the casting chamber and replaces it with released argon gas to purify the environment for casting. This closed environment eliminates all porosity that would otherwise occur naturally due to oxidization. Porosity (tiny air bubbles in the metal) is a sign of an inferior casting and is normally seen on the surface of high-polished metal and will always occur during open-air casting. This is why our argon-gas vacuum chamber is so important.  Soon you will receive a totally unique, one-of-a kind piece, that you create.


Step 1: Please let us know more about what you are looking to have us design for you.

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