Top 5 Diamond Cuts

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 9:47 am by Matthew

While the classic round diamond shape is often the most known cut, you may be surprised to discover the wide variety of diamond cuts available. If you are currently researching the variety of diamonds cuts that can be utilized in your upcoming engagement ring, the experts at J. David Jewelry are here to help. In this article, we will look at the top 5 diamond cuts that can be used to help you create the perfect ring.

Princess Cut

More often than not, princess cut diamonds are renowned for their sparkling brilliance. To achieve this, the diamond is cut into a square or rectangle shape to provide a unique color.  Although the color will be displayed most prominent from the center, each color will be given distinct properties in each corner of the diamond as well. These factors make the princess cut a popular option for those that are refining their choice of diamond cuts.

Round Brilliant Cut

Perhaps the most popular diamond shape in the world, the round brilliant cut is immediately recognizable. Over centuries, the process of cutting a round brilliant diamond has been refined to maximize the brilliance it provides. While there are many affordable options available with a round brilliant cut, choosing a higher-grade diamond will ensure the most brilliance is achieved.

Oval Cut

If you are looking for classic diamond cuts but don’t want to sacrifice modern appeal, oval cut diamonds will likely be at the top of your list of diamond cuts. The oval cut is often used in engagement ring design because it can easily be paired with other types of jewelry. Like the round brilliant cut, this diamond shape provides astonishing brilliance while still pairing well with longer or slender fingers.

Marquise Cut

If you are looking to maximize your carat weight choice while still emphasizing the size of the diamond, the marquise cut will be the perfect shape. This distinct design choice is great when attempting to create the effect of longer hands or fingers. The length to width ratio calculates each outline of a marquise cut diamond to create the desired shape and look needed to complete this cut.

Cushion Cut

Also known as the pillow-cut, cushion cut diamonds take on a distinctive pillow shape to enhance the brilliance of the diamond.  As one of the more popular diamond cuts available, cushion cut diamonds often have unmatched brilliance and clarity. This feature is attributed to the round corners and enhanced facets provided during the cutting process.


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