Say “I Do” To Your Custom Engagement Ring

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 1:15 pm by Matthew

You’ve found your soul mate and are ready to take the next step and purchase an engagement ring. As a symbol of love and a commitment that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, choosing the right engagement ring can seem like a challenging process; especially for men that have never purchased jewelry previously. In this article, we will explain the steps to choosing the right custom engagement ring and some of the ways J. David Jewelry can help simplify the process.

Plan a Budget

Before you visit the jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring, it is important to ensure that you have planned a realistic budget for the purchase. This will not only help ensure the jeweler is able to show you options in your price range, but it will also keep you from spending too much. With this budget in mind, you can then begin to explore customization options to make the engagement ring “just right”.

Determine Her Ring Size

There is nothing more disappointing than having your significant other say “yes” only to find out that the engagement ring you chose isn’t the right size. For this reason, it is important to take the time to do a little detective work and know the ring size you need before setting foot in the store. This will save you headaches and embarrassment when the time finally comes.

Choose the Ring Band

You may be surprised to learn the variety of ring band materials there are available including platinum, silver, a variety of gold options and much more. While each metal will have its own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to account for the style preference of your significant other. Remember, the recipient will likely care more about how it looks than how durable it may be long term.

Choose a Diamond

Once the band has been selected, you will have the option to choose the diamond that will accompany it. In most cases, this is the most prominent feature on a ring so determining the right carat and cut for your budget is crucial.  Work with your jeweler to find the color, shape and setting that most closely meets your needs while remaining in your budget.

Pop the Question

Once your custom engagement ring is completed and you have it in hand, all you have to do is find the right time to “pop the question”. In most cases, it is wise to plan this out to avoid any unforeseen complications that may occur when you would try to do it sporadically. However, by following this guide you will have the information needed when choosing the right custom engagement ring to make a lasting impression.


About J. David Jewelry

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