Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Posted on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at 12:42 am by Matthew

Getting engaged can be such an interesting and exciting moment. Sealing your commitment with a good engagement ring can help flower up the ceremony. Preparing for your engagement occasion requires sufficient preparation. Part of the preparation efforts should be put towards perfecting a good surprise that will catch your fiancé by surprise and spur some emotions.

Of equal importance in the preparation process is finding a good engagement ring suitable for the occasion. Whereas you may be well aware of different jewelry stores from where you can purchase an engagement ring, finding one that befits your fiance requires you to understand the various factors that you should consider. Here are the important tips to help you choose the right engagement ring from a jewelry store.

Determine your budget

Your budget is the only limiting factor when it comes to the type of ring you can purchase for your lover. A good jewelry store stocks engagement rings of different values. To prepare in advance for the engagement, you should be ambitious enough to save prior the purchase. Depending on your preferences, a few months-worth of savings can ensure you have sufficient money to purchase a good ring.

If you are planning to surprise your lover with a good engagement ceremony, then you should probably think of buying an expensive engagement ring. It would help grace the occasion and give her a surprise of a lifetime. A humble cheap ring, on the other hand, would not cost that much. When thinking of the budget for the engagement ring, it is advisable to always consider not taking a loan as that may incur some unnecessary financial burdens upon you.

Find out the ring size

The hype that comes with the thought of the engagement ceremony can easily have you ignore selecting the appropriate ring size. Nothing can be more frustrating than investing your money in buying a good ring and planning for a surprise engagement ceremony, only to find out that the ring is either too big or too small for her finger.

Such a disappointment can be avoided by finding out her appropriate ring size. When doing so, it is always good to avoid asking some obvious telltale questions that would otherwise spook her, thereby ruining the surprise occasion. You can do so by secretly asking one of your friends to measure her size and disclose to you. Having her ring finger size would help you purchase the right ring that would perfectly fit in her finger. Besides, most jewelry stores can custom make a ring to the right size requirements.

Select the diamond quality

Most engagement rings are decorated with either gold or diamond. Diamond rings are much preferable as they appear classic and are shinier as compared to the gold ones. When choosing the diamond quality for your engagement ring, it is advisable that you emphasize on the diamond’s 4C’s. These specifications include the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat quality.

The diamond’s cut defines the shape of the diamond decoration on the ring and the resultant elements such as the lackluster appearance. A good diamond ring should have its diamond sparkle when exposed to light. The diamond’s color, on the other hand, ranges from colorless to light yellow. Colorless diamonds are considered more expensive and prestigious. Choosing high-quality diamond ring would give you an opportunity to make a bold statement of your love for your partner.


Engagement rings’ diamonds vary in shape. Some diamonds are normally curved into round shapes while others are pear-shaped, oval-shaped, heart-shaped, and square-shaped. The shape of diamond you select also makes a statement as round diamonds are considered the most classic and timeless. In most cases, however, the shape of the diamond does not necessarily affect the ring’s quality or price.

The ring's setting

The setting of the diamond on the ring also matters a lot. Sometimes your partner may express a preference of how the ring has been set. Some jewelry stores give customers an opportunity to have their ring setting customized. There are numerous settings you can choose from. The Tiffany setting is considered a classic and most preferred in prestigious engagement rings. The eternity band setting has the ring’s entire circumference lined up with diamonds. Other notable settings include the bezel setting, channel setting, and the pave' setting. The type of setting also determines the ring's cost.

Her lifestyle

When selecting the right ring for her, it is also important to consider the kind of lifestyle that she leads on a day-to-day basis. Considering her lifestyle will help advice you or the kind of ring you would go for, especially as far as the stone size is concerned. If the stone size is big, it may significantly interfere with her ability to discharge certain responsibilities such as athletics, working in an office, or doing casual work. Failure to consider this may have her occasionally remove her engagement ring in order to attend to her duties, something that may be inconveniencing. Selecting a ring with qualities of thickness and stone sizes that befit her obligations at work would ensure that she has little to worry about.

Contemporariness of the ring

Lastly, when selecting a good ring for your partner, you should also endeavor to check on the overall design of the ring. Ring manufacturers and designers have incorporated new ideas into rings that make them have a contemporary look and feel. Buying your partner a ring that has a contemporary look will make her feel special and be proud of wearing it in public. Some traditional rings that still exist today can be modified to make them classic and suitable for your fiancé.

In conclusion, selecting the right engagement ring for your partner may sound quite easy, but is a rather involving process. It can be further simplified by working with your preferred jeweler who would help you select an appropriate ring that befits your desires. Depending on your budget, you can even choose to have your jeweler custom-make an engagement ring for you.


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