Aquamarine: The History of the March Birthstone

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 3:01 pm by Matthew

Individuals born in the month of March will likely already know that their birthstone is Aquamarine. Although Anselmus de Boodt originally coined the name in 1609, the gemstone rose to new popularity in the 19 th century with both sea green and blue varieties. In this article, we will examine the history of the March birthstone and help explain why Aquamarine has become a popular option as a diamond accent.

The history of the Aquamarine gemstone has fascinated historians for centuries. However, the most prominent myth associated with this brilliant blue gemstone is rooted in Roman history. They believed that if an Aquamarine gemstone was carved into the shape of a frog, it would assist them in reconciling with enemies and converting them into valued friends. While this gemstone may not have this same myth attached to it today, it still serves as a beautiful centerpiece for modern jewelry designs.

In modern times, Aquamarine refers to a light green, pale blue or light blue-green shade of Beryl. While Beryl is traditionally clear in appearance, aquamarine gemstones derive their color from an abundance of iron to provide a brilliant hue. However, this color can shift depending on what angle the gemstone is being viewed from due to a phenomenon called the pleochroic effect.

Although the sea green variety of Aquamarine was traditionally the most sought after, blue hues are now the most popular option. When you wear an aquamarine piece of jewelry, you are just a glance away from being transported to your favorite memories at the beach or another body of water. This prominent feature will continue to make Aquamarine one of the most popular gemstones available.

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