Amethyst: The History of the February Birthstone

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 2:03 pm by Matthew

If you celebrate your birthday during the month of February, you likely already know that Amethyst is your birthstone. While one of the more affordable gemstones available, this beautiful gem has established itself among the jewelry of royalty throughout history. In this article, we will examine the history of the February birthstone and give you a glimpse into why Amethyst has become a popular option as a diamond accent.

Easily recognized by its purple hue, the Amethyst gemstone has proudly adorned the scepters and crowns of kings and queens. Perhaps the most famous affinity for this gemstone was attributed to Russia’s own Catherine the Great who adorned herself with various items covered in Amethyst on a daily basis. These great representations for Amethyst solidified it as one of the most identifiable and popular gemstones available to this day.

Amethyst is derived from the purple variety of quartz, making it a gemstone and not a traditional diamond. With a wide variety of hues available, Amethyst stones can range from a light lavender hue to a dark eggplant-like hue. Although darker shades are typically more accessible, a single stone can provide many different color zones that can be lightened through the application of heat.

While Amethyst is considered the February birthstone, there is no real definitive reasoning behind it.  While there is some speculation that the roots of this birthstone are found in biblical references, the Zodiac and Greek History, no one knows how or why Amethyst became the February birthstone. However, it’s staying power and beauty is something that anyone born during the month can appreciate.


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