About Us


Started with a simple philosophy & founded on CUSTOMER SERVICE

J. David Jewelry has one key message for all; SHOW UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THROUGH PEOPLE, PROCESS & PRODUCTS. J. David’s products & services demonstrate pledges of love. J. David knows that our team must never lose sight of what we really sell– we do not sell products, but instead we sell love. 

J. David Jewelry started its humble beginning in 1997 with the simple philosophy of a jewelry store that offered everything under one roof. 

Our History

  • 1987 - Joel gets his start making tulip rings.
  • 1989 - Joel moves to another jeweler to become a bench jeweler.
  • 1993 - Joel meets the love of his life and is married.
  • 1994 - Joel went out on his own, going door to door repairing jewelry and sells jewelry from his home.
  • 1995 - Joel sells jewelry from a tanning salon. (3 rings totaling $500)
  • 1997 - J. David Jewelry opens. (400 sq ft)
  • 2001 - J. David Jewelry moves to new location. (4000 sq ft)
  • 2005 - Opens Pandora Woodland Hills.
  • 2014 - Opens second location in South Tulsa.
  • Today - Still serving the community
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